About Longsheng County · 关于龙胜县

Longsheng County is a rural area located in the northeast portion of Guangxi, Guilin and is famous for its beautiful rice terrace fields built during the Myng Dynasty. Longsheng's population is mostly comprised of ethnic minority groups such as the Zhuang, Yao, Miao and Dong, which make up for approx 77% of the population. Unfortunately, in these rural minority areas it is common for education to be neglected, particularly for females. Many children work on farms to help supplement income with no hopes of achieving an education. 

龙胜各族自治县是一个乡村地区,位于中国广西桂林的东北部。以从明朝建立到现在,并仍然保留着的美丽的水稻梯田而是著称。77%的龙胜人口主要是由少数民 族族群组成,如壮,瑶,苗,侗。不幸的是,在这些乡村少数民族地区,对于教育的忽略是很常见的现象. 尤其是对女性。许多孩子只能务农以为家庭增补收入, 无法实现受教育的期待。

With the development of the Wellview Children Foundation, a growing number of children in Longsheng County will receive academic education. We work locally to screen and enroll the children who will benefit from the sponsorship program, always giving priority to those who need it the most, such as children from very poor struggling families, orphans and children from minority races. Our hope is to help these children build a foundation that will allow them to get better jobs, contribute to society and break free from the vicious cycle of poverty. 

随着伟耀儿童基金会的发展,越来越多的龙胜儿童将接受学历教育。我们深入当地,筛选及已经登记信息的儿童将受益于我们的资助计划,我们优先考虑那些最有需 要的人,例如,非常贫穷的孩子,苦苦挣扎的家庭,孤儿和少数民族儿童。我们是希望能够帮助这些孩子建立一个基础,让他们获得更好的就业机会,为社会做出贡 献,并从贫困的恶性循环中挣脱。