About Us · 关于我们

About Us 关于我们

The Wellview Children Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to help educate struggling children and families in Longsheng County, China. With your help, we give these children in need the opportunity to grow up educated and prepared to succeed in life and contribute to society. Our organization was created in 2013 by Nacho Rexach and his supporting friends and collegues and share one common goal of making a difference。

伟耀儿童基金会是一个非营利性组织,致力于帮助中国龙胜各族自治县,陷入困境的儿童和家庭。有了您的 帮助,我们能为这些孩子提供所需的教育及成长机会,为他们未来的成功生活做准备,并为社会做出贡献。我们的组织在2013年成立, NACHO REXACH带领着他的朋友和同事为同一个目标努力。

What We Do 我们能做什么

We find sponsors all over the world who are willing to invest in a child’s potential by covering their school expenses for the entire years. All expenses are paid to the foundation account and we will 100% distribute the funds to the local school of the sponsored child and guarantees that 100% of your sponsorship contribution is being utilized to the child. Our foundation does not interfere with the local school system, proceeds or educational contents, as it acts solely as the financial support to cover the school expenses, meals and transportation of the sponsored child.  Children and sponsors are able to exchange letters and pictures and we help coordinate sponsor visits to the children’s school or home if desired.

我们在全世界范围内搜寻能为孩子们提供资助的资助者,为他们在他们的学习生涯中提供上学所需要的费用。所有转入基金 会账户的资助资金,我们将100%存入受资助儿童的学校。并保证您的资金100% 用于受资助儿童。我们不会干涉当地学校的营运,进程及教学内容。因为它的作用只是作为财政支持,受资助的儿童的学费,餐费和交通。儿童和资助者能交换信件 和照片,如果有需要,我们将帮助及协调资助者访问孩子的学校或家庭。